“..Strength, like weakness is cumulative. It is both a habit and an end state. The pursuit of strength, (in all forms) becomes easier the more it is practiced. But it never becomes so easy that it can completely displace weakness. This is why, ultimately, strength itself is a struggle. A struggle to attain and to keep. Because of this, strength has enormous value. A value that cannot be overestimated and should never be taken for granted. Choose strength for yourself. Then keep choosing. Yes, it will be a struggle. But this is a good thing. That’s when you’ll know you’ll have it. Because no one struggles more than the seeker of strength.” -Mike Gillette



All levels class

5 min AMRAP

5x OHS @ 95/65

20x Double Unders

-rest 2 min


5 min AMRAP

5x Power Cleans

10x Sit Ups

-rest 2 min


5 min AMRAP

5x STO

6x Burpees



Master’s Class


3 sets of 7 reps


2 min AMRAP
Run 200
Remaining time, AMRAP Burpees
1 Minute rest

5 rounds