“You don’t drown by falling in the water; you drown by staying there.” -Unknown

All levels class
Front Squat
5×4 @ 80-90%

20x Burpee Pull Ups
15x Snatches @115/85
15x Burpee Pull Ups
15x Clean and Jerks
10x Burpee Pull Ups
15x STO
5x Burpee Pull Ups


Clean Progression

1 min max Burpees
-rest 1 min
1 min max Sit Ups
-rest 1 min
3 rounds for reps


Master’s Class
4 min Row for Cals
3 min P. Cleans @ 95/ 65
2 min Back Squats @ .80BW/ .60BW
1 min STO @ 75/ 55
Compare scores to Nov 17th