“Barbells for Lymph Nodes… what a day! First of all, I love the Ian Danley family and to see Ian healthy enough to compete (and perform well) and Shiloh’s never-ending incredible support of this man, just gives me goose bumps! Follow that up with the love and support of the CoreCrossFit and extended CrossFit community and you’ve got one of those feel-good days that stays with you for a long time.

I am so proud of all of CoreCrossFit’s competitors.You all are not only talented athletically (demonstrated by the final results!), but a caring, supportive, and helpful group. You made the visiting affiliates feel very comfortable and well taken care of. Thank you for representing Core so well. Congratulations on your accomplishments today, they are well-deserved.

Thanks to all of you who helped us with set-up Friday night, judging, general operations management, and clean-up when it was all over. We could not have done this without you… well if we did have to do it without you we would still be there! We truly appreciate your support.

Lastly, my team rocks! Adrian Hernandez, Nathan Weamer, Dave Anthony Ramsey, Christopher Ramsey, Teddy Perez, Allison McGregor, Jeffrey Song, Matt Foreman, Tupac Xocoyotl Enrique, Fredo Lopez, Dina Medina, Bri Vanhyning thank you for hosting a “perfect event.” You worked hard and demonstrated exactly what happens when you work together as a team.Thank you all!” -Kim Flores


All levels class


3×3 @ 1-1-1 (Heavy)


6x Front Squat (Heavy)

Row 500 (Fast)

3 rounds rest as needed



Master’s Class

4×3 Back Squat


Every minute on the minute for ten minutes, complete two cleans + 1thruster