Muscle up

In CrossFit we enjoy performing movements that we can possible apply in the outside world. Having said that, why do the Muscle Up? In the real world we rarely come across a pair of ring hanging randomly about, personal lifestyles excluded. Once you’ve developed the ability to do a Muscle Up, you are able to scale any obstacle at any height that you can jump and grab with your fingertips. Yep, it’s just like having super human powers without having to wear goofy costumes, again personal lifestyles excluded. Packs of wild dogs chase you into an alley? Muscle Up! Got a gang of thugs chasing you through downtown? Muscle Up! Zombies got you cornered? Muscle Up! Muscle Up over that obstacle and into safety. The Muscle Up is all about technique. It’s a skill that most anyone can learn. Here’s the break down…

The Muscle up is broken in 3 phases.

Phase 1- Kipping Pull up

This is the hardest part of the movement. Treat the rings like a pull up bar and get used to the kipping motion. When you find your balance through the kip, practice doing pull ups with the rings. The trick is, you have to be able to pull yourself high enough to get your shoulders over your hands while keeping your hands as close to your ribs as possible. For some people, the “False Grip” might help with this, ask any Coach for advice.

Phase 2- Dive thru the hoop

Once you’ve made it nice and high enough to get your hands over your shoulders, you’re ready for second phase, “Dive through the hoop”. At the top of your pull up imagine a giant hoop that you need to dive through. Think Flipper doing tricks at the water park. You have to move hard and fast and really commit to diving through. It might help if you make dolphin sounds. Sometimes you do, but it’s usually not intentional.

Phase 3- Ring Dip

So now you are hanging from the rings with your hands tight on your ribs just below your armpits, the only thing left to do is a simple ring dip.

Typically, once you have 8 to 10 consecutive kipping pull ups and 4 to 5 ring dips, you are ready to start training for the Muscle Up. Grab a Coach and start practicing today.