Join Our Lose It and Love It Weight Loss Challenge & Take the First Step Towards a Body You’ll Love

Do you struggle with losing weight and keeping it off?

Do you find all too often you’re back where you started?

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With our Lose It & Love It Weight Loss Challenge you will learn to make lifestyle changes that will help you win the battle of the “Yoyo Effect.”  You will learn to change the way you play the GAME.

Our Weight Loss Challenge includes educational seminars to teach you about nutrition, healthy food choices, controlling carbohydrate intake and avoiding unhealthy foods. Our nutritionist will give you tools to help curb cravings. Our performance coach will teach you how your food choices can affect your mood and vice versa. You will participate in High Intensity Interval Training Boot Camp classes that will help you burn fat and increase your metabolism.

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Join our Challenge and change your game. Creating a healthier lifestyle is easier than you think.
The road to weight-loss is a regimen of effort and dedication. With our excellent coaching and support team, we help you achieve results you can maintain for life.

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