It’s really easy for a business to brag about how awesome it is so, to avoid bias, we thought we should ask our members why they love to WOD at Core.

Freddy Brown Jr.

freddyhawaii1. What’s your name and why did you decide to start at CoreCrossFit?

My name is Freddy Brown.  I decided to give CoreCrossFit a try to build more strength and endurance. At the time I was running quite a bit, but I was not doing any type of strength or cross training and figured this would help me with my running.

2. Describe your first workout with us or tell us the most significant experience you’ve had at Core?

I don’t remember my first workout. Two things really stick in my mind with Core, my participation in the 2014 Open workouts, and the Hero WOD “Murph” done on Memorial day. Participating in these two events really showed me the community aspect of the Core Family.

3. What time of day do you workout at Core?  What classes do you most enjoy and why?

During the week I like to attend the 4:30 or 5:30pm classes and on Saturdays the 8:00am class. I enjoy the “all levels” CrossFit class with the “masters” programming coming in a close second.

4. In your opinion, what sets CoreCrossFit apart – what keeps you coming back for more?

I love the people at Core, they are genuine and come from all walks of life, no matter the situation they always make you feel comfortable.  I keep coming back for the programming. I love to be challenged, Core has felt familiar to me from the first time I walked in, and I love that.

5. So far what are the results you’ve noticed since starting at Core?  

Bigger, Faster, Stronger, not really I am actually smaller, but yes definitely faster and stronger. My biggest change is body composition, more muscle less fat, who could ask for more.

6. What’s your athletic goal for this year?

This year, Double Unders, that is my main goal, I will string them together.

7. Anything else you want to tell your eager readers?

If you are not doing CrossFit now, try it.  My biggest regret is not starting sooner.

More Testimonials Coming Soon