Our 3-month Stop the Jiggle program begins February 1, 2017.


*You may join the program up until February 7th, 2017

Our WEIGHT LOSS program is for anyone who needs guidance, support, and motivation to lose weight and body fat.

Stop the Jiggle combines everything you need to achieve your goals – fitness classes designed to burn fat & calories, nutrition coaching, meal planning, a protein supplement and group support from people “just like you!”


Stop the Jiggle Includes:

√   3 months of SMALL GROUP FITNESS CLASSES (come as often as you’d like)

√   our Fuel for Performance NUTRITION PROGRAM that includes one-on-one coaching and around-the-clock support with our nutritionist covering food tracking and meal planning, nutritional education, weekly weigh-ins and composition measurements

√   a monthly supply of SFH HIGH QUALITY PROTEIN to help curb hunger and stimulate muscle development

√  Fit Phoenix t-shirt, and more

Fitness classes are available Monday through Saturday between 5:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. with many to choose from. Check out our Fit Phoenix class schedule for times that work for you.

The all-inclusive, program cost is $299 per month for 3 months, or you can save 10% by making a one-time payment of $807.

These services and products when purchased individually have a retail value of $954!

You may get started in the Stop the Jiggle program any time in January 2017. The group activities officially kick-off February 1, 2017.


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**SPACE IS LIMITED**  We are capping registration. Sign up today to reserve your spot.


Kim Flores is the owner of Fit Phoenix. She has dedicated her career to the development of wellness programs that incorporate a highly effective combination of fitness, nutrition coaching, recovery strategies, group support and FUN.

Kim’s mission is to deliver a health and wellness experience that serves the diverse population of Downtown Phoenix. “It’s always been my goal to provide programs were there is something for everyone. A place where age is just a number, and everyone is welcome – male, female, big, small, young, old and everyone in between. I want to make sure everyone is comfortable walking through our doors.” CoreCrossFit, Fuel for Nutrition, Kids@Core, the Wellness HUB, and Core Health & Wellness are all part of the Fit Phoenix family.



Kelsey Torres is the Head Coach for Fit Phoenix’s Sweat Shop program. She is an experienced transformation coach. Kelsey’s passion is helping people transform their bodies through fitness and nutrition programs that make sense, are fun to participate in, and most importantly, deliver long-term results.

Over the years Kelsey has helped hundreds of women and men – all ages, shapes and sizes, to reach their goals. Kelsey is the dedicated fitness coach, consultant, and confidant for our Stop the Jiggle program.




When it comes to using the principles of nutrition and behavior modification to help support a healthy lifestyle, you are in great hands with Teresa. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition from ASU and a Culinary Arts certificated from Le Cordon Blue, Teresa is well prepared to work with individuals wanting to lose weight, eat healthier or make nutrition adjustments due to medical conditions. She strives to help people take control of their health and make lifestyles changes that are livable and sustainable.

Teresa’s unique background allows her to approach food and nutrition from both a strong academic background, with a goal of improving a client’s health, as well as a professional chef’s approach, inspired by food that tastes good.


For more information about our Stop the Jiggle program call 602.254.5301 or email kelsey@corecrossfit.com