Core’s Strength and Olympic Lifting Program

DSC_0047If you step foot into CoreCrossFit on Tuesdays, Thursdays, or Saturdays, you may here a lot of commotion coming from the “Woodshed,” – the name we’ve lovingly given to the lower level of our box.

The Woodshed is home to our premier Strength and Olympic Lifting Program coached by Matt Foreman, an elite national weight lifting competitor and coach of national champions.  Using his decades of experience working with athletes at all levels, Core’s Oly Lifters reach amazing weightlifting goals.  Beginners to elite athletes are welcome in the Woodshed with Matt and his athletes.

Any unlimited CrossFit membership includes access to this program and we also offer a Strength/Olympic Lifting only membership. Members of other boxes looking to refine their lifting skills with an elite coach are welcome to join this program.  Contact the Member Services desk at 602.254.5301 for more information on getting started.

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