Core’s CrossFit Program

Lead by Head Coach Nathan Weamer, our CrossFit program caters to beginner, intermediate, and competitive level athletes.  We offer ten different class types under our CrossFit program. All classes within the CrossFit program are included in our unlimited memberships with CoreCrossFit.  See below for a description of the different CrossFit classes we offer and click here to download our latest class schedule.


Workouts are constantly varied, comprised of functional movements performed at a high intensity.  In a typical CrossFit class at Core you will see athletes of varying levels tackling WOD’s (which stands for workout of the day) that challenge their bodies and minds to perform at their peak.  Workouts generally include a warmup, a strength or skill component, a review of movements in the day’s workout, and the actual workout.  CrossFit classes are one hour in length.  On Saturdays, our gym is open for members to bring friends and family to try out CrossFit; therefore on Saturdays the CrossFit workouts are often partner or team oriented.


Held three times per week on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, Kids@Core is a free fitness and nutrition program for the kids in the Garfield Neighborhood that surrounds CoreCrossFit.  Kids learn the basics of functional movement, weightlifting, and gain skills to excel at sports.  They also receive healthy meals and snacks to fortify their growing bodies.  Ages 8-18 are accepted in the Kids@Core program.

Core Competition Team

As athletes begin to excel at CrossFit, they may get the itch to compete.  The Core Competition Team is designed specifically to prepare our athletes for competition.  Athletes must demonstrate a certain set of baseline skills and submit an application to join the team.  Once on the team, they are assigned a set of workouts and drills to reinforce their arsenal of tools to become successful competitors.  For more information about joining Core’s Competition Team please email Coach Nathan at

CrossFit Masters

The athletic spirit and thrill of competition don’t dwindle just because an athlete gets a little older.  At Core we are excited to offer a specialized CrossFit program for Masters athletes (40+ older).  Held four times a week, the Masters program is coached by Nathan Weamer, Fredo Lopez, and Shon Hicks to give our athletes workouts that respect the needs of aging joints and other challenges that can come to light in older athletes.  For more information about the Masters Program contact the Member Services Desk.


Let us MOTIVATE you to make positive changes in your fitness, nutrition and overall wellness! This midday energizer class is designed to give you a balanced exposure to all of the 8 fundamental classes we offer at CoreCrossFit, including Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting, Gymnastics, Core Strength, Mobility, Stretch, General Conditioning, and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).  This class is excellent for the lunchtime warrior, whether you are a beginner or an advanced athlete. Skip the greasy burger and fries and come in and let us MOTIV*8 you! Remember, “Stay Ready; Ain’t Gotta Get Ready!”

Get Ripped

Class is designed around Bodybuilding Protocols. It involves a lot of isolation movements, programmed with the intention of targeting specific muscles that normal CrossFit training neglects. This training shouldn’t replace your current regiment, it’s only designed to supplement. Some old school Crossfitters might say “I don’t do curls, I do CrossFit.” Take the top CF Athletes. If you believe they aren’t also Bodybuilding Protocols, you’re wrong. Trust us, Rich Froning does Curls.