Rich Drinkwater

Rich is a hardworking and dedicated member of the CoreCrossFit Family! It shows through his consistent attendance and constant progress in all aspects of his training. He is grateful for what he’s been able to accomplish during his time here at the gym and all the coaches love working with Rich!

What is your occupation?


Do you have a background in sports?

No, only skiing

How long have you been at Core?

Just under 2 years

What was your first CrossFit accomplishment?  (Getting DUs, deadlifting your bodyweight etc.)

Really just getting into all the varied things we work here and seeing ongoing success – my first rope climb, my first clean and jerk, deadlifting 2x BW the first time…

What do love most about CCF?
I’m really inspired by the amazing coaching staff and member athletes here that I see every day who train so hard at being the best they can be. It’s just a great, challenging program and environment here that makes it all worthwhile.