Meet Cora Strozier, an agent at Treehouse Realty and a CoreCrossFit junkie. Yep, Cora drank the Kool-Aid when she joined CCF two months ago. She has not looked back since. Cora attends HIIT or Motiv*8 classes every day giving 100% in every class. You can tell because she is already achieving awesome results. She has lost weight and improved her strength and stamina significantly.

Cora has been a real estate agent since 2004. Her areas of expertise include sale/resale and leasing of residential properties in Phoenix.

Cora is the ultimate professional. She brings to the table many years of experience, determination in helping her clients find the perfect home, just the right amount of support, friendliness and fun, plus a healthy dose of humor. She understands there’s a lot that goes into choosing a realtor and while experience is key, availability should not be overlooked. Cora can always be counted on to support her clients during the home search as well as the escrow process.

The perfect client for Cora is someone who is dedicated, consistent and actively participates in their home searches. It’s much easier to work with clients who have a specific goal in mind and are dedicated to becoming a home owner in Phoenix. Personal energy is key. Cora most enjoys working with clients with good, positive energy who are super excited about their new home purchase.cora strozier

Bottom line, if you’re looking for a realtor that will get you the RESULTS you are looking for and have an excellent customer experience at the same time, contact Cora at 480-203-14818 (cell), 480-426-1590 (office) or email