We’ve had so many new people joining the CoreCrossFit family over the past several weeks.  In honor of these new faces, I wanted to write up a little something about our Fastrack program with a gentle nudge (read: shove) directed at our new members to attend the program.

First What’s Fastrack?

We put together the Fastrack program with the beginner in mind.  It’s held three times per week on Wednesday and Friday nights and Saturday afternoons.  In Fastrack you will learn the fundamental movements that we use regularly in CrossFit workouts. We will cover lifts, gymnastics, and the CrossFit lingo that makes no sense unless you speak “CrossFit.”  You’ll also work to improve your conditioning, agility, baseline strength, and body awareness in an environment completely geared towards beginners.

Why YOU Should Join Fastrack

The short answer is: IT’S FUN. I remember what it’s like to be a beginner in CrossFit and I remember how un-fun it could be to be in a class surrounded by people who seemed to be super-athletes. Meanwhile I’m flopping around on a pull-up bar like a fish out of water and really embarrassed to ask “what the hell does EMOM even mean?” Although our coaches are trained to work with all levels during the swing of CrossFit classes, nothing replaces some good old fashioned TLC when it comes to learning the ins/outs/whys of each movement.  In Fastrack, movements will be explained at a slower pace and everyone around you will be a beginner, so asking questions will be completely and totally cool. Another excellent by-product of Fastrack will be opportunities to discuss ways to supplement your budding CrossFit athletic career.  The coach will be able to give you pointers on nutrition and supplements that tend to work for most CrossFitters.  They’ll cover rest days, preventing hand tears and monkey butt (wtf is monkey butt? Come to Fastrack and find out), and will help you understand the importance of weaving in our Mobility, Core/Stretch, and Olympic Lifting Programs into your weekly routine.  It’s basically a time where you can shape a routine to support your goals in CrossFit with the help of a coach and other beginners. Once you complete Fastrack you’ll be a more knowledgeable and efficient athlete which will carry over into your CrossFit WOD’s.

What If I Can’t Attend All of the Class Times?

That’s not a problem at all! The great thing about Fastrack is it runs over and over again each month – each day has a different curriculum.  You can start the program anytime throughout the month.  When you decide to start, we will give you a tracking sheet and as you attend classes (based on what works for your schedule) the coach signs off that you’ve completed that class.  This means that you can take two, three, or four months or forever to go through the classes and learn all the different basic movements.

Is This Only For Beginners?

Absolutely not!  Fastrack is part of any unlimited CrossFit membership.  If you’ve been CrossFitting for a while and want to bone up on a movement, you are welcome to jump into class.  If you’ve always wondered about the best technique for heavy thrusters or how to make pull-ups easier, etc, Fastrack would be a great place to ask questions, practice, and have a coach talk you through the fundamentals.

How Do I Get Started?

Next time you are at Core, stop by the Member Services Desk and let them know.  If you haven’t already pick up your new member packet while you’re there. The packet contains your tracking sheet and a class schedule that includes the Fastrack schedule.

We are so glad to have you at Core!  Go forth, join Fastrack, and kick ass!

Feel free to email me, Facebook me, or call with questions! Coach Somone Johnson somone@corecrossfit.com