I just finished another Track and Field season and as I transition out of track for Football this summer I cannot help but think of the athletes I saw do amazing things in their events.  On my own team there is a national leading hurdler who didn’t even hurdle 3 years ago as a freshman.  I saw an athlete on another team who didn’t quite look like a jumper 3 years ago. This year he finished 2nd in the state in the triple jump.  I could go on but I think you get the picture.

Chris PicWhile those are really big jumps, there is something to be said about continuous effort. This is the main point I want to touch upon because nowadays we’re always getting bombarded with the s
moothest, fastest, simplest way to achieve “X”.  Everyone is in shock and awe at the finished product or just one snapshot on the timeline but no one wants to watch, let alone do, everything it takes to get there.  Heaven forbid we hit a snag and struggle with some setbacks.   If we don’t happen to get the goal we naturally are inclined to use excuses, circumstance or problems to justify why we didn’t reach our goal.  Sometimes setting a new goal to start “fresh” and feel the thrill of a new chase.

Whatever the desired goal may be, there is absolutely no substitute for continuous effort.  Each ounce of effort you genuinely put forth is a victory in and of itself.   The progress train starts to chug along and you build momentum on toward your destination. If that train stops, slows or gets derailed you glean all the beneficial info you can, let the failure go, and pump those legs to get that train going again. The grind is a state in which you must get very familiar with and embrace it as you do each breath of oxygen that flows through your lungs. With each passing session, week, and month you mentally and physically approach your goal(s). Breath by breath, brick by brick.

I’ve been in the Core family since Dec 2010. I started with the free friend Saturday classes and then moved up to Level 2 and did the open that March.  I then began to compete and have been blessed to coach regularly since November of 2012.  It has been a good 3 ½ years full of learning, testing, re-testing, failing, searching, listening and of course, grinding. Continuous effort, continuous application of one’s will against an opposing obstacle, continuous belief that deep down in my being there is a force undeterred by life and its ever changing circumstance. In that process we have growth, in that progress we have success and it is measured not by medals, podiums or prizes but in the steady force a stream has on earth  it will soon turn into river rapids. Trust me, the stream cuts through stone not because of its overwhelming strength but due its unrelenting persistence.  So will someone be mentioning you in the future? I have many of you in my head right now as I type- reliving those PR’s  (load, time, range of motion, etc) you’ve had since I’ve known you.  I probably get more amped for yours than mine and I love it.

Set your gaze on your target(s)…Stand tall and strong….and unleash hell!

-Coach Ramsey