Barely a month ago we kicked off our new macronutrient-based nutrition program, Fuel for Performance. The results have been EXCELLENT! We wanted to highlight three success stories for those of you who have been waiting for the initial results signing up!

Jenn Vollmann’s goals are to reduce body fat while gaining lean muscle. She also wants to make sure she is optimizing her nutrition before and after her tough CoreCrossFit competition team workouts (she had been feeling tired and was usually starving during workouts). In one month, Jenn has lost four pounds and reports that she feels much better during and after workouts. Next month we will measure her body fat and lean muscle mass and let you all know how she is progressing towards her goals – we know it’s going to be very positive progress!

Teddy Perez’s goals are to maintain a steady weight while increasing strength. He is preparing to compete in the American Open in December. He must have a strategy to keep his weight in check while he trains to make strength gains. A weight gain to increase strength would be counterproductive when it came time for him to make weight for the Open.

In the month since he has been following our program Teddy has remained steady in weight, and has definitely increased in strength – evidence is the many new PRs Teddy has accomplished this month. He also reports that he is not feeling fatigued and actually feels very energized during his workouts. Teddy is also using Chef Teresa’s meal service to support his macronutrient goals. Ask him about these delicious meals prepared right here at CoreCrossFit.

15 year-old Manny R. has lost 13.5 pounds since starting the program one month ago.  His goals are to lose weight, decrease body fat, increase muscle and improve his general nutrition.  Prior to starting the program he was not eating breakfast or snacks.  Since adding those to his diet he feels much better.  Manny is meticulous when it comes to portions now and even counts out 13 baked lay chips as to not eat more than the recommended portion.  Manny’s clothes are fitting loosely and his energy level has improved. Fuel for Performance Logo Picture

All of these results are linked to the Fuel for Performance program where our nutritionist works with you to create an individualized macronutrient-based diet and nutrition tracking program that includes daily meal planning, and ongoing tracking of body fat, lean muscle mass, circumference measurements and more. If you are interested in learning more email me at