New Competition Team Standards for the 2015-2016 Season

If you wish to train with the team, you must complete 70% (15 out of the 22) of the standards listed below. This rule is absolute, and there will be no exceptions. The list was made according to movements that we actually see in competitions as well as in the Crossfit Games Open.

Testing will take place from August 17th until August 31st. To give everyone who wishes to test a chance, we will set aside 10 to 15 min at the end of the classes during this time. ONLY Core Coaches may sign off on the Athlete’s Training Standards Sheet. Any signature that is not from a Core Coach will be considered invalid. Having an L1 Cert does not qualify.

If you do complete the standards, there is an expectation that the Athlete will compete in various local competitions outside of just the Open. Athletes are also expected to fight under our flag, meaning it is expected that Core Athletes will compete while wearing Core Gear.

The training schedule will be announced at a later time.

Pistols- 10x in 1 minute
HSPU- 5x Strict in 1 minute
Lateral Burpee Box Jumps 20x in 90 sec
“L” Sit- 30 seconds
Double Unders- 120 in 2 minutes
Muscle Ups- 5x unbroken/ 1 Muscle Up

Air Squats- 90 in 2 minutes
Push Ups- 60/ 40
Rope Climb- 3 trips unbroken/ 1 climb
Pull ups- 40/ 30 in 2 minutes
Sit ups- 60/ 50 in 2 minutes
Toes to bar- 15 unbroken reps

Back Squats- 1x BW/ .75x BW x 15 unbroken
2x BW/ 1.5x BW 1RM

Overhead Squat- 1x BW/ .75 BW x 3 unbroken
1.5x BW/ 1x BW 1RM

Deadlift- 1x BW/ .75x BW x 15 unbroken
2.25x BW/ 1.75x BW 1RM

Clean and Jerk- 1x BW/ .75x BW x 5 in 2 minutes
Sub 5 minute “Grace”

Snatch- .75x BW/ .5x BW 1RM

400m 1:25
1 Mile- 7:00

Baseline- sub 5:30
“Fran”- sub 5:30
Row 500 meters 1:35/ 1:45



Handstand Push-up x 5 in 2 minutes (2 mats)

Double-unders – 25 unbroken or 100 in three minutes

Burpee Box Jump (Lateral Jumps or Step-Ups)- 10 in 90 seconds

L-Sit – 20 second hold


Handstand Hold – 45 seconds

Air Squats – 75 in two minutes

Push-ups – 40/30 in two minutes

Pull-ups – 10 in two minutes

Sit-ups – 60/40 in two minutes

Knee-ups – 40/30 in two minutes


Back Squats – 1 x BW (men) 1 x 75% of BW (women) of BW or 60% of BW x 10 unbroken

Overhead Squat – 3 x 60%/50% BW unbroken

Deadlift – 1 x BW + 80%/70% x 10 unbroken

Clean & Jerk – 1 x 70%/60% of BW + BW x 50% x 5 in two minutes

Or substitute 8 minute Grace at 70%/60% of SRM

Snatch – 50%/45% of BW x 5 in two minutes


400m 1:50

1 Mile 10:00


For time (9 minute time cap):


15 Power Snatches

300m Row

15 Power Snatches

300m Row

15 Power Snatches

For time (9 minute time cap):


30 Back Squats

30 Pull Ups, Chin Over

30 Ball Slams, 20# Ball