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2016 CrossFit Games Open Competition Shirt Sale


The 2016 CF Games Open “Fortune Favors the Bold” shirt pre-sale is now live!! Details are as follows:

Cost: $20 for one (1) or $35 for any two (2) [This is cash cost; account charge will include tax)

Dates: You can order between 1/26-2/10 (After this date the price will increase and supplies will be limited)

Styles: Men/Women Cut T-shirts and Ladies Tanks (All are Tri-Blend)

Color: Blue only

How to Order: Email me at nathan@corecrossfit.com with your order or place order with Front Desk Staff

Competition Team Standards 2015








New Competition Team Standards for the 2015-2016 Season

If you wish to train with the team, you must complete 70% (15 out of the 22) of the standards listed below. This rule is absolute, and there will be no exceptions. The list was made according to movements that we… actually see in competitions as well as in the Crossfit Games Open.

Testing will take place from August 17th until August 31st. To give everyone who wishes to test a chance, we will set aside 10 to 15 min at the end of the classes during this time. ONLY Core Coaches may sign off on the Athlete’s Training Standards Sheet. Any signature that is not from a Core Coach will be considered invalid. Having an L1 Cert does not qualify.

If you do complete the standards, there is an expectation that the Athlete will compete in various local competitions outside of just the Open. Athletes are also expected to fight under our flag, meaning it is expected that Core Athletes will compete while wearing Core Gear.

The training schedule will be announced at a later time.

Pistols- 10x in 1 minute
HSPU- 5x Strict in 1 minute
Lateral Burpee Box Jumps 20x in 90 sec
“L” Sit- 30 seconds
Double Unders- 120 in 2 minutes
Muscle Ups- 5x unbroken/ 1 Muscle Up

Air Squats- 90 in 2 minutes
Push Ups- 60/ 40
Rope Climb- 3 trips unbroken/ 1 climb
Pull ups- 40/ 30 in 2 minutes
Sit ups- 60/ 50 in 2 minutes
Toes to bar- 15 unbroken reps

Back Squats- 1x BW/ .75x BW x 15 unbroken
2x BW/ 1.5x BW 1RM

Overhead Squat- 1x BW/ .75 BW x 3 unbroken
1.5x BW/ 1x BW 1RM

Deadlift- 1x BW/ […]

Mastering CrossFit at Any Age


Under the guidance of our diversely talented and very experienced coaching team, CoreCrossFit’s Master’s program has become the five-star training standard for the 35+ demographic in Downtown Phoenix. Since we released this specialized program a year ago, we have watched our athletes thrive! There have been far less joint and musculoskeletal aches and pains, strength and mobility has improved, and participants are making epic progress towards their individual wellness goals. As a result, we are committed to growing and further developing this program.

Master’s athletes may now meet up to four times a week for workouts that include supplemental strength and mobility sessions, as well as a high intensity CrossFit-style workout where movements are scaled for the Master’s athlete. We have recently added a Masters-only barbell class on Friday afternoons at 4:30. Our latest addition includes a unique set of competition standards for the Master’s athlete as well as a Master’s-specific training program for those who demonstrate proficiency in the standards and choose to represent CoreCrossFit as a competitive athlete. These standards will help prepare you for the types of workouts in the CrossFit Open and other competitive events. We are in the planning stages with our own Matt Foreman, as well as Iron Athlete founder, August Schmidt, to deliver an Iron Athlete clinic later this summer that will cater specifically to the 35+ demographic.

Our June 2015 Athlete-of-the-Month William King, is a CoreCrossFit Master’s athlete. William is a perfect example of how exercise can slow the march of time. Read about William’s accomplishments in our Athlete-of-the-Month feature.

CoreCrossFit’s Master’s program is specifically designed for individuals 35 and older. Our program includes resistance exercise to improve muscle mass; muscle flexibility training to improve blood flow, reduce injury and improve posture; joint […]

Train to Be 6:6 with ‘Barbell Savvy!’

‘Barbell Savvy’
A training program that emphasizes the development of the classic Olympic Lifts; Snatch and Clean & Jerk.

All-inclusive training that will assess technique and strength in a deliberate, progressive way.
Core CrossFit realizes there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to weightlifting and technique and strength development.
Our purpose is to build an individual’s technique and strength within a group dynamic.


This Semi Personal Training program is available in packages of eight (8) to twelve (12) sessions a month at $310 (8) and $420 (12).

Class times are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 1:00pm – 2:00pm. (Exclusive to 5 members: Sign up today!)

It will improve technique and basic strength for the classic Olympic Lifts; Snatch and Clean & Jerk. Become ‘Barbell Savvy’ this summer! Come in and sign up today!

Contact Nathan Weamer at nathan@corecrossfit.com for call 602-254-5301 or more information.


A message from the ‘Colossus of Cleans’ Matt Foreman

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Stop, Calm Down, and Take a Look Back

By Matt Foreman


One of the best things you can do in your training life is stop and take an honest look at where you’re at.  We’re all busy people, and our workouts are probably just one more component of a hectic schedule.  We’ve got a variety of things to keep us jumping…jobs, families, school, friends, etc.  Sometimes it seems like we move at 100 miles per hour from day to day, trying to give the best performances we’re capable of in all these areas.

Your training is a big deal to you.  For crying out loud, you joined a gym and committed a lot of your money to this thing.  The longer you pursue it, the more it becomes a major part of your life.

And you’ve got goals.  These are the things you want to accomplish, and they’re often very different from person to person.  Some people primarily want to improve the way their bodies look.  Others are obsessed with lifting big weights.  Regardless of what your main objectives are, the one thing we all have in common is that we spend big chunks of our lives fighting to get them.

There are time periods when you don’t feel like you’re making any progress.  We all go through those, trust me.  You get frustrated because you feel like you’ve hit a wall and nothing is moving forward. It makes you cuss, cry, second-guess yourself, and…possibly…think about quitting.

At that point, I think one of the best things you can do is settle down, get your emotions under control, and take a big-picture look at how far you’ve come.  You might find you’re […]

Exercise and Aging—Making Fitness a Habit at CoreCrossFit

When it comes to exercise and fitness, age does make a difference. There, I’ve said it, and now it is even in writing! For years, when it came to fitness, my mantra has been “age is just a number.” I have relentlessly directed absolutely everyone I’ve come across to keep moving just like they were 29! Why 29? Well, it was a good year for me, and for a long, long, time my youngest son believed I was 29. Finally, when he was four or five he realized that with each birthday I was a year older, so he started adding years—from 29! I am now, according to my son, 36. His nickname, by the way, is “sweet baby James.”

While I still choose to operate from this mindset, in recent years I conceded to the fact that age has had an effect on my body. However, as I have aged, staying fit has become an even higher priority for me. My biggest challenge is eliminating all excuses and making my own fitness a habit.

The Reality

According to the experts at Harvard University, the first signs of aging creep up on us in our thirties. Our maximum attainable heart rate begins to decline, and the heart’s peak capacity to pump blood decreases by 5 to 10 percent per decade. This results in a diminished aerobic capacity or greater fatigue and breathlessness than younger athletes. Our blood vessels begin to stiffen, causing our blood pressure to creep up. Our blood becomes thicker too and becomes harder to pump through the body causing the heart to work harder. Most of us gain weight at rate of three to four pounds per year. Because we are also losing muscle […]

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Being a Master

Those who know me well or have been hanging around CoreCrossFit for a while, know that I have been talking about starting a Masters program for a long time.  Personally, I have made a commitment to being strong and functional throughout the rest of my life.  One minor problem is that I have grandiose expectations and I fantasize a lot (I really need to simply get to work!). My daydreams consist of me “hot” at 55, 65, 75… rocking a singlet, Nike Romaleos, long flowing BLOND hair held back in a neon green headband, snatching my body weight.  Switch to me at the CrossFit Games, on the Leaderboard, sporting a Reebok CrossFit bra top (red),
compression shorts, arm sleeves, pink inno-8 F-lite 219s, shin guards, showing off a six pack and huge upper traps… get the picture?

In real life, I am fifty-four years old. I have had multiple sports-related surgeries that have left me creeky during and after WOD’s.  My cute Reebok bra tops are worn under forgiving t-shirts to hide the loose skin I have from two pregnancies in my forties.  My compression shorts can feel a bit tight in the waistline due to mummy-tummy or a belly bulge called diastasis recti – again from two pregnancies. I pee during double-unders (apparently common in perimenopausal women), and the list continues. My daydreams may never come to fruition, however, I am determined to take advantage of the excellent opportunity I have to create the best training environment for myself and all of the other 40+ year-old badass wannabes out there!

My vision  with the Masters program is to base our training on a set of standards that are devised from multiple input components – scientific data […]

June 3, 2014 – For All the Newbies

We’ve had so many new people joining the CoreCrossFit family over the past several weeks.  In honor of these new faces, I wanted to write up a little something about our Fastrack program with a gentle nudge (read: shove) directed at our new members to attend the program.
First What’s Fastrack?
We put together the Fastrack program with the beginner in mind.  It’s held three times per week on Wednesday and Friday nights and Saturday afternoons.  In Fastrack you will learn the fundamental movements that we use regularly in CrossFit workouts. We will cover lifts, gymnastics, and the CrossFit lingo that makes no sense unless you speak “CrossFit.”  You’ll also work to improve your conditioning, agility, baseline strength, and body awareness in an environment completely geared towards beginners.
Why YOU Should Join Fastrack
The short answer is: IT’S FUN. I remember what it’s like to be a beginner in CrossFit and I remember how un-fun it could be to be in a class surrounded by people who seemed to be super-athletes. Meanwhile I’m flopping around on a pull-up bar like a fish out of water and really embarrassed to ask “what the hell does EMOM even mean?” Although our coaches are trained to work with all levels during the swing of CrossFit classes, nothing replaces some good old fashioned TLC when it comes to learning the ins/outs/whys of each movement.  In Fastrack, movements will be explained at a slower pace and everyone around you will be a beginner, so asking questions will be completely and totally cool. Another excellent by-product of Fastrack will be opportunities to discuss ways to supplement your budding CrossFit athletic career.  The coach will be able to give you pointers on nutrition and supplements that […]

June 2, 2014 – Keep Grindin’

I just finished another Track and Field season and as I transition out of track for Football this summer I cannot help but think of the athletes I saw do amazing things in their events.  On my own team there is a national leading hurdler who didn’t even hurdle 3 years ago as a freshman.  I saw an athlete on another team who didn’t quite look like a jumper 3 years ago. This year he finished 2nd in the state in the triple jump.  I could go on but I think you get the picture.

While those are really big jumps, there is something to be said about continuous effort. This is the main point I want to touch upon because nowadays we’re always getting bombarded with the s
moothest, fastest, simplest way to achieve “X”.  Everyone is in shock and awe at the finished product or just one snapshot on the timeline but no one wants to watch, let alone do, everything it takes to get there.  Heaven forbid we hit a snag and struggle with some setbacks.   If we don’t happen to get the goal we naturally are inclined to use excuses, circumstance or problems to justify why we didn’t reach our goal.  Sometimes setting a new goal to start “fresh” and feel the thrill of a new chase.

Whatever the desired goal may be, there is absolutely no substitute for continuous effort.  Each ounce of effort you genuinely put forth is a victory in and of itself.   The progress train starts to chug along and you build momentum on toward your destination. If that train stops, slows or gets derailed you glean all the beneficial info you can, let the failure go, and pump […]