kim-floresThose who know me well or have been hanging around CoreCrossFit for a while, know that I have been talking about starting a Masters program for a long time.  Personally, I have made a commitment to being strong and functional throughout the rest of my life.  One minor problem is that I have grandiose expectations and I fantasize a lot (I really need to simply get to work!). My daydreams consist of me “hot” at 55, 65, 75… rocking a singlet, Nike Romaleos, long flowing BLOND hair held back in a neon green headband, snatching my body weight.  Switch to me at the CrossFit Games, on the Leaderboard, sporting a Reebok CrossFit bra top (red),
compression shorts, arm sleeves, pink inno-8 F-lite 219s, shin guards, showing off a six pack and huge upper traps… get the picture?

In real life, I am fifty-four years old. I have had multiple sports-related surgeries that have left me creeky during and after WOD’s.  My cute Reebok bra tops are worn under forgiving t-shirts to hide the loose skin I have from two pregnancies in my forties.  My compression shorts can feel a bit tight in the waistline due to mummy-tummy or a belly bulge called diastasis recti – again from two pregnancies. I pee during double-unders (apparently common in perimenopausal women), and the list continues. My daydreams may never come to fruition, however, I am determined to take advantage of the excellent opportunity I have to create the best training environment for myself and all of the other 40+ year-old badass wannabes out there!

My vision  with the Masters program is to base our training on a set of standards that are devised from multiple input components – scientific data supporting exercise that has proven to be effective for the 40+ body; programming that takes into consideration that the aging body is more susceptible to exercise-induced muscle damage and is slower in adaptation, repair and recovery; scalable movements that can effectively compensate for the years of  wear and tear on an aging athlete’s body; and prepares an athlete (if interested) in the competition standards for CrossFit Masters events.

The program will be challenging and rigorous, as a matter of fact, we will continue to train like everyone else in the gym.  We will just be holding ourselves to a set of standards for the Master’s athlete which may or may not be different from what is on the white board for the rest of the crew.  We will get together on a regular basis.  We will put a nutrition program in place.  We will discuss how our bodies feel and recover after certain workouts.  We will come together and bond as a team, and more.

With the help of the incredibly talented coaching team at Core, we have finally begun the process of rolling out this program.  We have developed competition standards, and kicked-off a Masters pilot where a group of twelve, coached by Somone, are helping us test the programming.  Based on the early success of the pilot, we have decided to dedicate ongoing time on the CoreCrossFit class schedule to the Masters program.  Preston Young, working directly with me, will have responsibility for the ongoing development and facilitation of the program. I know you’re excited now!  Preston’s knowledge of body mechanics, the body’s physiological response to exercise and his experience working with athletes of all demographics, make him an excellent coach for this program.

So if you’re like me, competitive and driven to succeed at the sport of CrossFit, I am inviting you to join me in this Masters Program.  Let’s use our passion for functional exercise and strength conditioning to have fun and compete without the unnecessary risk of injury that may come with training like a 20 something year old.

To get started contact the Member Services Desk at 602.254.5301 or email

Hope to see you in the Masters class soon,

Coach Kim Flores