May Athlete of the Month!


Rich is a hardworking and dedicated member of the CoreCrossFit Family! It shows through his consistent attendance and constant progress in all aspects of his training. He is grateful for what he’s been able to accomplish during his time here at the gym and all the coaches love working with Rich!

What is your occupation?

Do you have a background in sports?
No, only skiing

How long have you been at Core?
Just under 2 years

What was your first CrossFit accomplishment?  (Getting DUs, deadlifting your bodyweight etc.)
Really just getting into all the varied things we work here and seeing ongoing success – my first rope climb, my first clean and jerk, deadlifting 2x BW the first time…

What do love most about CCF?
I’m really inspired by the amazing coaching staff and member athletes here that I see every day who train so hard at being the best they can be. It’s just a great, challenging program and environment here that makes it all worthwhile.

It Starts With a Goal, and Then Becomes a Lifestyle

Congratulations to Kids@Core member Mo J. for his incredible transformation. In just five short months of working with nutritionist Teresa Hansen and following CoreCrossFit’s Fuel for Performance program, Mo lost 37 pounds. He also has lost almost 10% body fat, while increasing his lean muscle mass by almost 10%! His newfound healthy lifestyle is an inspiration to many in the community.

Jenn Vollman Fuels Her Performance Through Core’s Macros-based Nutrition Program

Check out CoreCrossFit competition team athlete Jennifer Vollman’s notable progress toward reaching her sports performance goals. Jenn signed up for Core’s Fuel for Performance macro nutrient-based nutrition program in September 2015.

Working with Core’s nutritionist, Teresa Hansen, she added an individually constructed nutrition program based upon daily macronutrient goals, daily meal plans, and consistent monitoring of her body composition to her already well established fitness regimen. The results speak for themselves! In a few short months, Jenn has lost 10 pounds and reduced her body fat by 3%!

If you are interested in exploring how Fuel for Performance can help you achieve your goals, send an email to info@corecrossfit.com or contact Kim Flores at kim@corecrossfit.com.



November Athlete of the Month







Meet our November Athlete of the Month: Grace Ortega

Words from the coach:

“Meet Grace, you may have seen her working her butt off for the past few months. She has been coming to HIIT class Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, she is always challenging herself, no matter what the task is she tackles it with her best. When she is not at HIIT class you can find her doing the CrossFit and Masters classes on either Tuesday or Thursday. She knows when she can push her self a little bit harder and when to pace it out which is something you need for the HIIT class. She recently moved up her weight in the kettle bell to challenge herself a bit more. Congratulations on receiving athlete of the month, keep up the hard work.”


Fuel for Performance Proves to Be a Very Effective Program for CoreCrossFitters

Barely a month ago we kicked off our new macronutrient-based nutrition program, Fuel for Performance. The results have been EXCELLENT! We wanted to highlight three success stories for those of you who have been waiting for the initial results signing up!

Jenn Vollmann’s goals are to reduce body fat while gaining lean muscle. She also wants to make sure she is optimizing her nutrition before and after her tough CoreCrossFit competition team workouts (she had been feeling tired and was usually starving during workouts). In one month, Jenn has lost four pounds and reports that she feels much better during and after workouts. Next month we will measure her body fat and lean muscle mass and let you all know how she is progressing towards her goals – we know it’s going to be very positive progress!

Teddy Perez’s goals are to maintain a steady weight while increasing strength. He is preparing to compete in the American Open in December. He must have a strategy to keep his weight in check while he trains to make strength gains. A weight gain to increase strength would be counterproductive when it came time for him to make weight for the Open.

In the month since he has been following our program Teddy has remained steady in weight, and has definitely increased in strength – evidence is the many new PRs Teddy has accomplished this month. He also reports that he is not feeling fatigued and actually feels very energized during his workouts. Teddy is also using Chef Teresa’s meal service to support his macronutrient goals. Ask him about these delicious meals prepared right here at CoreCrossFit.

15 year-old Manny R. has lost 13.5 pounds since starting the program one month […]

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Keeping It in the Community – the CoreCrossfit Community!

Meet Cora Strozier, an agent at Treehouse Realty and a CoreCrossFit junkie. Yep, Cora drank the Kool-Aid when she joined CCF two months ago. She has not looked back since. Cora attends HIIT or Motiv*8 classes every day giving 100% in every class. You can tell because she is already achieving awesome results. She has lost weight and improved her strength and stamina significantly.

Cora has been a real estate agent since 2004. Her areas of expertise include sale/resale and leasing of residential properties in Phoenix.

Cora is the ultimate professional. She brings to the table many years of experience, determination in helping her clients find the perfect home, just the right amount of support, friendliness and fun, plus a healthy dose of humor. She understands there’s a lot that goes into choosing a realtor and while experience is key, availability should not be overlooked. Cora can always be counted on to support her clients during the home search as well as the escrow process.

The perfect client for Cora is someone who is dedicated, consistent and actively participates in their home searches. It’s much easier to work with clients who have a specific goal in mind and are dedicated to becoming a home owner in Phoenix. Personal energy is key. Cora most enjoys working with clients with good, positive energy who are super excited about their new home purchase.

Bottom line, if you’re looking for a realtor that will get you the RESULTS you are looking for and have an excellent customer experience at the same time, contact Cora at 480-203-14818 (cell), 480-426-1590 (office) or email cora@treehouserealty.com.

October Athlete of the Month







Meet our October Athlete of the Month- Patrick Kariniemi

Words from the Coach-

“Meet my buddy Patrick Kariniemi. He first came to Core in March of 2013 and has made crazy improvements from those early days. Years of playing Ice Hockey had affected his mobility in his hips and shoulders. For the past two and a half years he’s worked to find balance and now at the age of 33 is finding the best shape of his life. Spending time focusing on not only mobility, but also technique, he still continues to grow.  I’m very proud of him and all of his progress

You’ll often see him in the 4:30 All levels class sporting his trademark Wristwraps and Headband. When you see him, please take a moment to stop and say Hi and congratulate him!”

Lose It & Love It Weight Loss Challenge Kicks-off September 14, 2015


Join Our Lose It and Love It Weight Loss Challenge & Take the First Step Towards a Body You’ll Love
Do you struggle with losing weight and keeping it off?
Do you find all too often you’re back where you started?

With our Lose It & Love It Weight Loss Challenge you will learn to make lifestyle changes that will help you win the battle of the “Yoyo Effect.”  You will learn to change the way you play the GAME.
Our Weight Loss Challenge includes educational seminars to teach you about nutrition, healthy food choices, controlling carbohydrate intake and avoiding unhealthy foods. Our nutritionist will give you tools to help curb cravings. Our performance coach will teach you how your food choices can affect your mood and vice versa. You will participate in High Intensity Interval Training Boot Camp classes that will help you burn fat and increase your metabolism.

Join our Challenge and change your game. Creating a healthier lifestyle is easier than you think.
The road to weight-loss is a regimen of effort and dedication. With our excellent coaching and support team, we help you achieve results you can maintain for life.
Dont know your Body Mass Index (BMI)

Call Today! 602-254-5301

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September Athlete of the Month












Meet our September Athlete of the Month, Imelda Orozco!

From the Coach-

“Imelda Orozco has been coming day in and day out to all the HIIT classes. No matter what time or day Imelda makes sure to get in to HIIT class. She has been very consistent since she first began HIIT and the improvements are very noticeable. Her conditioning has become impeccable and she has gained a substantial amount of strength. No matter what the workout is for the day Imelda is up for it with no complaints and a big smile and gives it her 100%. Do not let her smile fool you, she is a true HIITER.”


Core Performance & Mobility Extraordinaire








Meet the Coach
Fredo designs and delivers Core’s top-of-the line programming for core strength, stretch and mobility, as well as High Intensity Interval Training  (HIIT). These classes are the cornerstones of Core’s functional movement training programs – CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, Masters, HIIT and Kids@Core.

By working with Fredo you will strengthen your postural stability and improve mobility in your joints. With Fredo’s help you will learn to stabilize the body parts that should be stable, and improve the range of uninhibited movement of the parts that should move. This provides Core athletes with the knowledge and basic body stability necessary for functional movement training programs.

Without postural stability throughout the kinetic chain and healthy mobility in the joints, it is impossible to move correctly and safely, or even make progress towards your training goals. As an extra bonus, the work you do with Fredo in CP&M classes will give you a huge performance boost by increasing your strength, speed and stamina both in and outside of the gym.

Sometimes it’s hard to find a spot in Fredo’s very popular HIIT classes. Core athletes have figured out this class is the secret for burning fat, developing the cardiovascular system, and quickly improving their physique. The magic of HIIT training is that, it changes your metabolism, and athletes continue to burn fat even after class is long over.  Intense HIIT training also stimulates muscle-building hormones helping you build lean muscle mass. You can tell which Core athletes are regulars in Fredo’s HIIT classes because they are fit, lean, and incredibly happy with their results in the gym!

Because HIIT classes incorporate basic functional movements, with bodyweight or lightweight performed at your own individual level of intensity, these classes are for just […]