1. Tupac Being BadassWhat’s your name?  Tupac Xocoyotl Enrique
  1. What’s your role on the Core team? I coach Crossfit and weightlifting classes when my day job and family life let me. I also love to compete for Core in competitions and during the Crossfit Open. Occasionally, I lift heavy things.
  1. Do you do personal or small group training?  If so, what’s your area of expertise?  My life is  a little too busy right now for this but if I could find time in the future, I would definitely enjoy doing small group training for beginning weightlifting, “Firebreathers”, or discussions of quantum mechanics.
  1. What education, certifications, and/or training do you possess? I have received certification as an ACE Personal Trainer and have current certifications as a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer, USAW Level 1 Sports Performance Coach, CPR instructor and I’m also an emergency Paramedic.
  1. What’s your day job? For my day/night job I work as a Firefighter/Paramedic for Phoenix Fire Department in which I am also on the TRT (Technical Rescue Technician) team. I am one of the ARTs (Air Rescue Technicians) for the team, so you may occasionally see me dangling from below a helicopter. WoooHOOO!
  1. What’s the best part about being a part of CoreCrossFit? I used to live in this neighborhood when I was younger and still have many family and friends in Garfield, so I love being back here doing positive things. Working out next to some hard-working Crossfitters and weightlifters helps me push myself to be at my peak.
  1. Little known fact or claim to fame about you? I love doing anything outdoors and have completed a Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim run/hike at the Grand Canyon a few times, in about 15 hours each time. It’s 45 miles of pretty much non-stop running and hiking. We start at 10pm and finish the next afternoon.
  1. How can members reach you? Come sweat with me at Core or you can reach me by Facebook or e-mail at: tupac@corecrossfit.com