Teresa HansenWhen it comes to using the principles of nutrition and behavior modification to help support a healthy lifestyle, you are in great hands with Teresa. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition from Arizona State University and a Culinary Arts certificate from Le Cordon Bleu, Teresa is well prepared to work with individuals wanting to lose weight, eat healthier or make nutritional adjustments due to medical conditions. She strives to help people take control of their health and make lifestyle changes that are livable and sustainable.

Teresa’s unique background allows her to approach food and nutrition from both a strong academic background, with the goal of improving a client’s health, as well as a professional chef’s approach, inspired by food that tastes good.

As a lifestyle program facilitator for Core Health & Wellness, Teresa works with employees to develop an overall healthier lifestyle. She uses the CH&W model that incorporates long-term behavior change with programs that are easy to understand, effective and fun. Her passion is helping companies reduce absenteeism and improve productivity through improved health and wellness of their employees.

Teresa has an excellent grasp of the administrative side of health care and wellness too. She spent more than five years managing a busy pediatric practice. Her responsibilities included patient scheduling, insurance processing, statistical reporting, budgeting, human resource management, supplies management and more.