1. Teddy PicWhat’s your name? Teddy A. Perez
  2. What’s your role on the Core team? CrossFit Coach
  3. Do you do personal or small group training? If so, what’s your area of expertise? I conduct group training that ranges from small to large. I consider myself an explosive athlete, therefore my strengths are in the explosive movements. I also have made big improvements on my Olympic weightlifting since I’ve been taking Core’s Strength and Olympic Lifting classes.
  4. What education, certifications, and/or training do you possess? Crossfit Level 1 certificate, Basic Military Training
  5. What’s your day job? I am a full time student at ASU
  6. What’s the best part about being a part of CoreCrossFit? I love the humbling environment from the members to staff. I also enjoy the silent competitiveness between all the athletes, this is mostly what motivates me to better myself each and everyday I train.
  7. Little known fact or claim to fame about you? I am a USAF veteran that enjoys enduring the ‘suck’ of training.
  8. How can members reach you? teddy@corecrossfit.com or cLL281-896-1059.