matt-foreman1.  What’s your name? Matt Foreman

2. What’s your role on the Core team? Head Coach over the Strength and Olympic Lifting Program at Core.

3. Do you do personal or small group training?  If so, what’s your area of expertise? I do personal and small group training when my schedule allows it.  My main area of expertise is the Olympic lifts and all related movements, but I can provide coaching in any area of strength training.

4. What education, certifications, and/or training do you possess? Masters Degree in Education. USAW Certified Coach. Author of the book Bones of Iron. 26 years of experience as both athlete and coach at the national/international level in Olympic weightlifting.

5. What’s your day job? English teacher, football/track and field coach at Mountain View High School in Mesa, AZ.

6. What’s the best part about being a part of CoreCrossFit? The best part about working at Core is spending time around great people and watching them improve. Our athletes make the program great because of their attitudes and work ethic, and it’s exciting to see them grow and develop.

7. Little known fact or claim to fame about you? I competed at the 2004 Olympic Trials in weightlifting and I’ve published over 150 articles. I also love cats.

8. How can members reach you? My e-mail address is and that’s probably the best way to get in touch.

Coach Foreman also regularly contributes to Catalyst Athletics on the subject of weightlifting.  You can find his writings here.