Jeff Song1. What’s Your Name? Jeffrey S. Song

2. What’s your role on the Core team? Athlete Services

3. Do you do personal or small group training? I can do functional training

4. What education, certifications, and/or training do you possess? I have multiple certifications in different types of massage therapy. Functional Movement Screen Certified, RockTape Certified Level1 & 2. Certified Personal Trainer NASM.

5. What’s your day job? Hurting And Then Helping them. (Train em and then massage em)

6. What’s the best part about being a part of CoreCrossFit? Community. Also love the sport of CrossFit.

7. Little known fact or claim to fame about you? I was the 2nd baby born at Scottsdale Hospital (now Scottsdale Osborn). I can wiggle my ears separately.

8. How can members reach you? Cell phone by text is best!