1. Chris pic 2What’s your name? Chris but no one ever uses it really. Ramsey is the name of choice.
  1. What’s your role on the Core team? Head Coach over CrossFit Programs.  I coach on Saturdays and the AM 5:30/6:30 classes MWF, I also coach the CoreCrossFit Fastrack program.
  1. Do you do personal or small group training?  If so, what’s your area of expertise? I’ve yet to do so at Core but I do personal train outside of core in Sprint/Running mechanics and the Olympic lifts. I can also teach ya some Salsa- but you can come into to my classes for that.
  1. What education, certifications, and/or training do you possess? CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, USAW L1 Sports Performance
  1. What’s your day job? I infuse young minds with Spanish and coach them in Football and Track & Field at Brophy just up the road.
  1. What’s the best part about being a part of CoreCrossFit? It’s a family.  You grow, compete, fight, learn from, get inspired, get challenged, butt heads (a bit), and laugh with/for one another. 3+ years and going strong, love the CoreCrossFit fam.
  1. Little known fact or claim to fame about you? I enjoy writing poetry and “flowing!”
  1. How can members reach you? 602-254-5301 and always through email chris@corecrossfit.com or FaceBook!